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Summer Heat in the UK: How to Stay Cool and Not Overwork Your Air Conditioner

Every summer, our company receives many calls about systems that need to be fixed. We get it: staying cool in the UK is a serious business.

Despite their system performing as best, people still call for Air Conditioning service given the circumstances. And many people wonder why this would happen. Unfortunately, your air conditioner has the hardest time doing its job when the UK’s summer temperatures are unbearable. AC systems are not designed to handle 90° or 95° days. Instead, they are designed for low temperatures and are intended to reduce temperatures by up to 25 degrees.

What do you do if the air conditioner can’t keep you cool when the heat is unbearable? To reduce the temperature without overloading your system, you can take various steps – with the top methods mentioned below in two categories. After covering those techniques, we’ll examine whether heat is the culprit or if you need urgent air conditioning repair.

Ways to Use Fans to Keep Your Home Cool and Give Your Air Conditioner a Rest

While there are ways to stay cool without overloading your air conditioning system, many have nothing to do with cooling equipment and technology. Here are things you can do with fans and air conditioners to stay cool when it’s hot:

Replace your air filter

You should replace your air filter at least twice a year. This easy technique will help you create smoother airflow. When your filters are kept the same, your air conditioner has to work harder. You will not only be unable to chill your home as quickly, but it may also cause its components to fail.

Create a cross breeze

To battle the summer heat in the UK, create a cross-breeze using a fan directly across from a window. Introduce additional fans across the space to improve air circulation.

Use a fan and add ice

You should turn on all your fans throughout the house, including the overhead fans and any others you own. Place a roasting pan filled with ice in front of an oscillating fan to increase the cooling effect. As the ice melts, this technique will produce a cool mist.

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

If you can optimize the effectiveness of your thermostat, you can save up to 20% on your cooling bills. With the controls given by a smart thermostat, you can increase effectiveness while also helping relieve some of the load on your AC system. These high-tech tools include motion sensors that detect when you are at home and even weather analyses. You can use these programmed gadgets to utilize cooling only when necessary, allowing the house to get warmer when you are asleep or away, thus saving your bills. It is important how to choose the right thermostat that will fit your daily routine and best accommodate your needs. If you don’t know how to install this, you can trust our Cramlington AC service to do the job for you.

Other Ways To Help Your Air Conditioner On Sweltering Days

Aside from installing fans and adjusting your AC system, there are other ways you can apply:

Upgrade to a smart thermostat

Water will quench your thirst. If the flavor is too bland, add some fresh fruit to the water. That natural flavor enhancer is significantly superior to dehydrating soda, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, or lemonade. Throughout the day, you should drink at least a half-gallon of fluids, with a major emphasis on water. To optimize your air conditioning efficiency, go here to learn how to optimize your smart home technology.

Sleep alone and spread your body like an eagle

Although it may seem absurd to picture yourself sprawled out on a bed with your arms and legs open, it is recommended when summer temperatures rise in the UKe. Sleeping alone and in this position increases airflow around you and minimizes body heat.

Take showers

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping up with the high summer temperatures in the UK, you are likely to feel like you’re scorching in heat and need to cool down immediately. In that situation, taking your body with a cool bath or shower is a quick fix. If you are short on time, even a little water on your face and dipping your feet into cold water can be helpful. Moreover, make sure to soak your hair; if you leave it damp, you will feel cooler for the next few hours.

Keep the sun at bay

While the sun can aid with brightness, it can also be a heat source. Installing window coverings that block the heat but allow in light can help you save money and make your AC system happy.

Switch off the lights

Your lights will radiate heat even if you use energy-saving CFL bulbs. The good news in the UK, the days are longer in the summer, so you don’t need to turn them on as often; Instead, rely on natural light. Limit your use of lights in the evenings; this is an excellent excuse for a candlelight dinner.

If this doesn’t work and your air conditioner really needs to be checked by a professional. Well, don’t hesitate to contact us at UK Aircon. We will resolve the issue immediately.

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