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Best Air Conditioning Service in the UK

UK Aircon is recognised as one of the top air conditioning installers in the UK, renowned for its exceptional services and competitive prices. The experienced team of professionals make sure to deliver quality results.

We have installed air conditioners of all sorts across the United Kingdom.

Our Account Managers are well-equipped to:

• Listen intently to your air conditioning needs

• Stay within your designated budget

• Create a visually appealing cooling system

• Maximize the effectiveness of your home air conditioning system.

At UK Aircon, we ensure our clients are well-informed before, during, and after every project. Our professionals are highly experienced and dedicated to delivering high-quality results promptly.


Established in Newcastle in 2001, UK Aircon has become the top choice for air conditioning services in the UK. We provide installation of all types of residential and commercial air conditioning systems. No matter what your needs are, UK Aircon provides the highest level of residential and commercial air conditioning services in the UK. Contact us today for the best in air conditioning solutions.

UK Aircon offers a variety of air conditioning solutions to ensure that residents of the UK remain comfortable and cool. The range of services varies from the latest technology to reliable and proven systems, thus providing homeowners with various possibilities to maintain suitable temperatures all year long. As energy efficiency ratings for air conditioners continue to rise, those looking to invest in one may come away better off than they would if they had utilized solar energy. Additionally, tax credits and utility rebates are accessible to UK citizens, ultimately cutting costs in the future.

UK Aircon offers a comprehensive service plan for all your air conditioning requirements. We provide tailored cooling solutions and long-term support for a reliably functioning air conditioning system. For a dependable cooling solution, turn to UK Aircon. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to learn more!





Preventative Maintenance

System Replacement

Installation Warranty

UK Aircon grants a fully comprehensive warranty on their air conditioning installation services. This covers both the parts used and the labor carried out in the installation, providing confidence that the system installed will provide optimum performance. To ease the process, the warranty includes access to 24-hour emergency call-out, complimentary maintenance check-ups, and discounted spares.

Performance Guarantee and Assurance

UK Aircon provides a performance guarantee for all customers, guaranteeing that each air conditioning unit or system installed will meet the required standard. This means customers can be certain that their new air conditioning system will maintain a consistent temperature. As part of their commitment to quality, UK Aircon furnishes this assurance with all their products and services.

Is Air Conditioning System for My Home a Worthy and Good Investment?

Investing in an air conditioning system that is properly set up and maintained can be a smart move for a homeowner. Taking advantage of UK Aircon’s outstanding services for the installation, repair, and maintenance of this system can ensure homeowners experience improved air quality and comfort as well as cuts to energy usage and cost.